Casual Dining, Function & Events

Casual Dining, Functions and Events

Lunch & Dinner at Kawul

 Monday, Thursday & Sunday 12pm to 2:30pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm to 8:30pm


 local damper 

confit garlic, house herbs l 10


pepperberry hummus, fermented chilli oil, hunter valley olives, dukkah l 15


salt bush polenta chips
salsa verde, tomato relish l 15 


beer battered zucchini flowers
lemon myrtle goat's cheese, romesco, almond l 18


Dutch Cream potato gnocchi                                                                  
warrigal greens, garden peas, macadamia cream | 19



e16 / m 23

roast pear
golden raisin, walnut, organic greens, witlof - add Tarwin Blue cheese | 5


local vegetables
pecans, pearl cous cous, pig face, enoki mushroom


spiced cauliflower                                                                                
chickpea, eschalot, almond, wild rice, citrus dressing






mushroom shepard's pie
wattle seed, truffle sautéed broccolini, snap peas l 22


porcini black truffle risotto
pine nuts, parmesan, shallot oil l 28    


Agedashi tofu                                                                                              
cherry tomato, stinging nettle lemon myrtle broth, silverbeet | 27


Little Hill Farm confit chicken Maryland                                                    
anise barley risotto, beetroot jus | 32        


crisp skin Daintree barramundi
lemon myrtle, warrigal greens, cauliflower, horseradish l 35


250g wagyu sirloin MBS5
house cut chips, broccolini, snap peas, wattle seed jus l 38  





with bush tomato seasoned chips and burger sauce                                      
- add cheese | 1.5        
- add bacon | 4


potato and lentil patty                                                                            
avocado, tomato, chilli jam | 20


portobello mushroom                                                                            
eggplant, tomato relish, tofu or haloumi | 20


grilled Little Hill Farm chicken                                                                  
house créme fraiche, lettuce, beetroot, bacon | 23


100% beef patty                                                                                          
house made mustard pickles, cheese, salad | 23






sides | 10


house cut chips, bush seasoning, soy aioli                                                      

roast vegetables, seeds, shallot oil 

creamy polenta, fermented chilli oil

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