Casual Dining, Function & Events

Casual Dining, Functions and Events

Lunch & Dinner at Kawul

 Monday, Thursday & Sunday 12pm to 2:30pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm to 8.30pm




rustic damper roll 
confit garlic herb butter l 10

dukkah bush dip board 
balsamic reduction, olive oil toasted ciabatta l 12 - gf available

polenta chips
spinach rocket pesto, bush tomato relish l 15 gf 

zucchini flowers (4)
vegan cream cheese, smokey aioli l 19 gf

Baked pears
lemon myrtle cream cheese, fried fig, rocket, balsamic reduction, 'bacon' crumb l 19 gf                                                                                                                                  


Pearl cous cous salad
roasted vegetables, walnuts, dates, apricots, balsamic vinaigrette l 20 n gf


roasted vegetable stack
smokey tuscan beans, baked mozzarella, beetroot fennel relish l 22 n gf


shepards pot pie
broccolini, green beans l 21 gf


cheesy bechamel, penne, mushroom, parmesan,‘bacon‘ crumb l 27 n


wild mushroom risotto
roasted sweet potato, baby spinach, toasted pinenuts l 29 n gf      


Soup of the week
Toasted ciabatta - ask our friendly staff l 14


spice rubbed sirloin
broccolini, wild mushrooms, anise myrtle juś l 34 m gf           


dukkah crusted barramundi
sautéd warrigal greens, truss tomatoes, passionfruit dressing l 32 m n gf


Lemon myrtle macadamia chicken breast
roasted chats, broccolini, native bush tomato jus l 30 m n gf                                  



all served with rustic cut potatoes & accompanying sauces l 20


stuffed mushroom

lemon myrtle cream cheese, tomato, beetroot fennel relish, citrus aioli


'chicken' patty

avocado, 'bacon crumb', smokey aioli


nori infused croquette

battered eggplant, tomato, mixed leaves, nori tartare


beef patty

thick cut pickles, parmesan, tomato, mixed leaves, burger sauce - m




rustic potatoes wedges, house native seasoning, beetroot aioli  l 14

black rice, warrigal greens, roast sweet potato, toasted pine nut salad, citrus aioli dressing l 11

roasted seasonal vegetables, house native seasoning, confit garlic oil l 11                                                                                                                                   

all items are vegan unless otherwise stated

m - meat n - contains nuts gf - gluten-free


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