Casual Dining, Function & Events

Casual Dining, Functions and Events

Brekky at Kawul

Thursday - Monday from 9am to last orders at 11.30am



sweet potato zucchini rosti 
chickpea tomato salsa, smashed avo, pesto, balsamic reduction | 19 gf


big breakfast
roast seasonal veggies, native plum chutney, ciabatta | 21                                   


smashed avo bruschetta 
blistered truss tomatoes, crumbled mozzarella, balsamic reduction | 19 n


smokey tuscan baked beans
spinach rocket pesto, ciabatta | 16   


tofu scramble
avocado, sautéd warrigal greens, 'bacon' crumbs, bush tomato relish, ciabatta | 19                            


eggs benedict
cashew hollandaise, sautéd warrigal greens, ciabatta | 19 n e      


pancakes or waffles 
choc avo mousse, caramelised banana, maple syrup, sweet dukkah, ice cream | 19 gf n     

banana bread 
cashew sweet cream, berries, fresh fruit  | 14 gf n                                                  


toasted ciabatta or gluten-free with nuttelex | 5

jam, peanut butter or vegemite | 2



pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum, sautéd warrigal greens, marinated mushrooms, tomato | 4

eggs your way | 5 | e

bacon, beef tomato chipolata  | 5 | m

vegan mozzarella, avocado | 5


all items are vegan unless otherwise stated

m - meat     e - egg     n - nuts     gf - gluten-free


nanna kerr's kitchen building


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